22-year-old fashion design student. Obsessed with everything about art, films, history and astra.

Samuel Colman (Coleman), The Edge of Doom, 1836-38
Julius Sergius von Klever, Erlkönig, 1887
Sergius Hruby, Apotheosis, 1901
Francisco de Goya, A Scene from El Hechizado por Fuerza (The Forcibly Bewitched), 1798
Sven Richard Bergh, Hypnotic séance, 1887
Richard Dadd, Come Unto These Yellow Sands, 1842
Jean-Eugène Buland, The Gambling Den, 1883

The Souls of Acheron, 1898
Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl
Cornelis Saftleven, Witch’s Tavern, 17th century
Pavel Svedomsky, Medusa, 1882
Edward Matthew Hale, Mermaids’ Rock, 1894
Alphonse Osbert, The Songs of the Night, 1896
Urban målare / Jacob Elbfas, The Sun Dog Painting, (1535-1636)
Victor Borisov-Musatov, Phantoms, 1903