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Walter Crane, Neptune’s Horses, 1892
Vincent van Gogh, Lane of Poplars at Sunset, 1884
William Baxter Closson, The Angel, 1912

María Tomasa de Palafox y Portocarrero, (detail), by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.
William Degouve de Nuncques, Les Anges de la Nuit,1894
William Henry James Boot, Kirkstall Abbey, Yorkshire, 1877
Thomas Moran, Haunted House II, 1858
Witold Pruszkowski, Eloe, 1892
Émile Friant, Voyage a l’Infini, 1899
Jean-Édouard Dargent, Les vapeurs de la nuit, 1899
Albert von Keller, In the Moonlight, 1894
Albert Welti, Walpurgis Night, 1896-97
Abbott Handerson Thayer, A Winged Figure, 1904-11
Theodor von Holst, Bertalda Frightened by Apparitions, 1830-1835
Albert Besnard, Décoration du plafond, 1890-91